Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Influence of Organizational Culture on Business Strategy Essay

The Influence of Organizational Culture on Business Strategy - Essay Example This paper illustrates that the smooth running of an organization is based on its values, the more the values upheld by the employees the more likely successful the will be. A clear, well-designed, and strong organizational culture can reveal to be particularly useful to enable organizations to better integrate individuals into businesses. In addition to that, Deal and Kennedy defining organizational culture as â€Å"the way we do things around here, but even more direct emphasis on the behavioral side of culture. For instance, Kenyans are known to lend out a helping hand no matter the situation thus an enterprise, for example, the medical sector will be needed to be strict in order to achieve said services and minimize the effect of this value to exploit it in its bright side only. Moreover, looking at the system in which organizational culture develops is agreed with Boddy that when people start to work and interact they consequently find common ground, things that work for all of them in the name values. These shared values represent a fabric that the individual with more values in common lead to a more competitive business. In the Kenyan scene, individuals who went to the same school, or have more in common than just being workmates have proven to be a force to reckon with since they provide the concrete result. The underlying factor here being the fact that they concentrate solely on the task rather than feuds at the workplace. Equity Bank in Kenya is a case study, all its success is attributed to the strong and supportive staff that are trained to work for them at a mostly high school level. It is important to note that organizational culture is about unwritten norms, which are actually intended to mold the behavior of all the individuals of a group both when interacting the one with the other and when interacting with people who are part of the external environment. It is a common practice that a relationship between workmates is not encouraged in any b usiness environment but it will not be said or put in a memo.

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